Full contour zirconia single unit

Full Contour Zirconia

Our Full Contour Zirconia is a monolithic restoration with no porcelain overlay. With more brawn and improving beauty, you'll be impressed by the esthetics when prescribed instead of full gold crowns and metal occlusal pfm's. FCZ is virtually chip proof, making it the ideal restoration for bruxers, implant restorations, and areas with limited occlusal clearance.

FCZ crowns and bridges are designed and milled in house at our lab using the most advanced CAD/CAM technology. After sintering for 6.5 hours, the final FCZ restoration emerges nearly chip-proof and is stained and glazed to a smooth surface.

Zirconia Advantages

- Ideal for bruxers and grinders who have destroyed other restorations.
- Strengh. 1465 MPa flexural strength.
- CAD/CAM precision fit.
- Bio-compatible medical grade zirconia.
- Monolithic material provides completely chip-proof restoration.

Bonding and Cement

- Ivoclean (Ivoclar) is recommended for cleaning crown from phosphate and zirconia oxide contamination after try in. This results in ultimate bond strength.
- Monobond Plus (Ivoclar) or Z-Prime (Bisco) is recommended for primer before cement.
- Can also use Ceramir (Henry Schein) cement. It does not need a primer and can be cemented straight to crown after cleaning with Ivoclean.